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There are two artists with the name New Atlantic: the present day indie rock band and the early 1990's UK rave band.

1) Indie rock band from New Jersey.

"It's not grammatically incorrect. The last comma in a series is optional before the 'and.' I only know this from heated debates with my fiance," explained Christopher Hindley, guitarist for New Atlantic. Written in jest, this was his response to emails circulating between the band and their new label, Eyeball Records. The comma referenced ended up right where it belongs; in the title to their full-length debut release for Eyeball, The Streets, The Sounds, and The Love. Hindley's email was promptly printed and tacked to a prominent cork board at the Eyeball office as a looming reminder that New Atlantic gives a shit about every little detail.

On April 29, 2010 New Atlantic lead singer, Giovanni Gianni announced the breakup of New Atlantic

New Atlantic is not a band to settle for anything below their exceptionally high standards. Founded by Hindley and The College of NJ classmate Giovanni Gianni (vocals), New Atlantic hit the ground running with the addition of former The June Spirit bassist Dave Carlson, guitarist Matthew Sztyk, and drummer Jacob Kalb. The band’s attention to detail and work ethic is apparent in everything from their perpetual tour schedule to, more importantly, their flawlessly crafted songs. It’s a quality that not only attracted the label to the band, but an invisible force keeping their fans on the edge of their seats. When New Atlantic does something, they do it right. Plain and simple.

As an independent band, New Atlantic never waited around their hometown adding friends to their MySpace profile in the hope a major label A&R would scoop them up. Instead, they took matters into their own hands touring non-stop for over a year before eventually landing a string of high profile tours with bands like Cartel and The Starting Line, all the while selling unheard of amounts of their self-released EP to a rabid national fan base. They quickly caught the attention of The Starting Line guitarist and up-and-coming manager Matt Watts and shortly thereafter welcomed Eva Alexiou from the Fata Booking Agency on board.

However, it wasn’t until a summer night in 2006 when New Atlantic finally met a label sharing their vision.

A night of fancy Philadelphia dinners and bar-crawling brought the band together with their fellow New Jersey natives at Eyeball Records. “We are incredibly particular about who we surround ourselves with.” Says Hindley, “We had spent the last 2 years building our team out of people who we love and trust. We’ve been especially careful in our label search and were pleasantly surprised when Eyeball approached us and showed us what they have to offer. We love their attitudes and understanding of music. Most importantly, they have a great sense of who New Atlantic is and what is right for us.” The match was made.

With all the pieces in place, the band wasted no time beginning production with Casey Bates and Bobby Darling (Gatsby’s American Dream) on The Streets, The Sounds, And The Love. To satiate the needs of fans, New Atlantic released a demo single on November 28th, 2006 titled Wire and Stone which features long time friend Will Pugh (Cartel).

The Streets, The Sounds, and The Love hits stores nationwide on April 10th, 2007.

Christopher Hindley left the band in 2007, because he got married.

2) Cameron Saunders & Richard Lloyd.

New Atlantic were an early 1990's UK rave band from Southport, Merseyside. They were made up of Richard Lloyd and Cameron Saunders, and best known for their UK number 12 dance hit "I Know" in March 1992. They were signed to Liverpool's 3-Beat Records, which in turn signed the track to Pete Waterman's PWL Records, leading to global chart success.

Their appearance on Top of the Pops achieved a certain degree of notoriety, with the worst vocal performance in the show's history leading the The Sun having a competition "to find New Atlantic a singer". Despite this the track "I Know" remains to this day a rave anthem which appears on the vast majority of compilation cd's celebrating the era.

And the irony of this: "I know" was alleged to actually be a sample from Candi Stanton's "You Got The Love" and thus whether or not New Atlantic's singer could sing was completely irrelevant.

New Atlantic also produced Berri's top five UK hit, a dance cover of Elkie Brooks' Sunshine after the Rain, and released a number of other records and an album before fading into obscurity for a number of years.

Cameron Saunders is now part of the DJ production duo The Young Punx.


Top Tracks

Wire and Stone 1

Wire and Stone

Cold-Hearted Town 2

Cold-Hearted Town

Late Night Television 3

Late Night Television

Now That You're Gone 4

Now That You're Gone

You Get Me 5

You Get Me

What It's Like To Feel Small 6

What It's Like To Feel Small

I Won't Be Back 7

I Won't Be Back

So If You Try 8

So If You Try

Safer Times 9

Safer Times

I Know 10

I Know

Top Albums

The Streets, The Sounds, And The Love
The Streets, The Sounds, And The Love
Floorfillers 90s Club Classics / Compilation
Floorfillers 90s Club Classics / Compilation
I Know
I Know

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